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The Seriousness of Emotional Deprivation - 1225 Words

â€Å"The seriousness of emotional deprivation: It is not difficult to understand how children who have suffered from malnutrition or starvation need food and plenty of care in their bodies are to recover so they can go on to lead normal lives. If, however, the starvation is severe enough, the damage will be permanent and they will suffer physical impairments for the rest of their lives. Likewise, children who are deprived of emotional nurturing require care and love if their sense of security and self-confidence is to be restored. However, if love is minimal and abuse high, the damage will be permanent and the children will suffer emotional impairments for the rest of their lives,† said by Mark Z. Danielewski, April 11th, 2014. The issue of child abuse dates all the way back to colonial times in 1809 before organized child protection began. Back in this time child abuse wasn’t recognized by people as a serious issue so many people were able to kill children without har sh consequence. For example in 1810 a woman was arrested for killing a newborn child and admitted to several people that she killed the baby, even so, she was found not guilty most likely because the jury thought was psychotic. Many children went without protection and were killed, raped, kidnapped, and tortured during this time and still this wasn’t seen as a high priority issue in the United States. It wasn’t until 1875 that the worlds first organization that was completely devoted to child protection cameShow MoreRelatedEssay on What a Black Man Wants Rhetorical Analysis1003 Words   |  5 Pagesremained without equality and civil rights which gave their current freedom no meaning. Throughout his entire speech, Douglas rules over his audience with his parallel and emotional diction choice along with his assertive tone shifting towards anger and the answering of his own questions multiple times to emphasize his seriousness. When Fredrick speaks to his audience, he does not choose all his words with the separation of blacks and whites in mind. He uses words such as â€Å"our†, â€Å"my friends† , orRead MorePoem Summary(Seafarer)1454 Words   |  6 Pagesrepresented by home: warmth, safety, compassion, friendship, and love. Lines 39-43 These lines introduce the central theme of the poem. The speaker displays his second catalogue, a list of earthy human virtues: pride, greatness, boldness, youth, seriousness, and grace. The speaker emphasizes that these virtues will all disappear, melting away in the presence of Fate. Even the person blessed with all these virtues feels fear at the onset of a journey on the sea. Thus, the speaker shows the possibleRead MoreThe Effects of a Lack of Sleep Essay1334 Words   |  6 Pagescomplications. It is an important issue and should be given more thought in the seriousness of the condition. Insomnia; is also known as a deficiency of sleep or sleep deprivation. People with this condition are apt to suffer from inadequate sleep and be a candidate in the battle of depression. Other symptoms are having poor concentration, and can be involved in auto accidents; from a lack of focus. Having sleep deprivation issues for prolonged periods of time; can cause a person some sort of healthRead MoreNegative Effects Of Bullying1232 Words   |  5 Pages Bullying is a continuing problem that has affected individuals from their childhood and continuing well into adulthood. Consequences of bullying are vast in their potential to negatively impact the person s physical, emotional, and psychological state of well being. The poor management of stress brought by the onset of bullying affects social health both short term and long term foreshadowing numerous potential risk factors and actions. Prevalent issues in victims include higher chances of mentalRead MoreThe Impact of Rotating Shift Work on Police Officers1220 Words   |  5 Pages According to some research, the increase in complaints may be attributed to the fact that officers suffering from excessive sleepiness may be unable to â€Å"govern appropriate behavioral responses to negative emotional stimuli† based on their levels of fatigue (JAMA, 2011, p. 3). The seriousness and impact of shift work on police officers can be as critical as life and death. According to Vila (2006), data through the year 2003 indicated that more officers were killed by â€Å"unattended adverse eventsRead MoreThe Red City By Erik Larson1714 Words   |  7 Pagesin his adulthood. His childhood story was in the book to display his perspective and how a man could become a serial killer. With this perspective, the reader may develop an emotional connection to the story. One may begin to understand the life of Holmes and might realize that there are other sides to the tale. The emotional connection that social history provides the reader with can alter the reader’s impression on the issue. Mrs. Holton was the owner of the drug store in Chicago that Holmes laterRead MoreDeclaration On The Elimination Of Violence Against Women Defines Domestic Violence1846 Words   |  8 PagesViolence against Women defines domestic violence as any act of gender based vio lence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.[1]. As was ruled by the Supreme Court in Section 177(1) of the Housing Act, domestic violence can occur psychologically, physically or emotionally and also any other form of abuse whichRead MorePatients With A Cancer Is A Life Changing Moment For The Patient, Friends, And The Families1963 Words   |  8 Pages 3 of cancer, complications with a discussion on treatments, and ways to address physiological and psychological side effects of care. Diagnosis and Staging Diagnosis of cancer brings shock, stress, disbelief and emotional turmoil, anxiousness, and alarmed (Simonelli, and Andersen, 2007). The diagnosis of cancer is suspected when one goes to the doctor due to the signs and symptoms that the person experienced either during self-examination, some due to routing checkRead MoreThe Devil Of The White City By Erik Larson1808 Words   |  8 Pagesrevealed the gist of what happened on the ship and many that viewed it were further educated on the seriousness of safety and the difference in the treatment of individuals in different classes. This feature showed the consequences of carelessness when it came to safety and the absurdity of the division of class through the stories presented. Inherit the Wind is a play that brings the issue of the deprivation of the right to think to light by basing the plot off of the personal story of a man named JohnRead MoreGod s Free Gift Of Salvation2462 Words   |  10 Pagesto satisfy His justice. Jesus often spoke of hell and always gave strong warnings about it because He knew more about it than anyone else and because He did not want people to go there. â€Å"Apart from being a place of eternal regret, justice, and deprivation of many of God s gracious benefits, Jesus introduces His hearers to Hell being a place so agonizing that they should do all they can to avoid ending up there for eternity. He describes the fate of those there as eternal destruction, being in everlasting

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Global Warming Is A Theory - 1469 Words

Global Warming Global Warming is a theory that scientists have created to say that the creation of greenhouse gases increases the average temperature of the globe. It does that because greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide have components which absorb heat. So when the sun’s radiation comes into the Earth’s atmosphere, the greenhouse gases absorb more and more of the heat. Currently, fossil fuels are the main producers of greenhouse gases. Combustion of fossil fuels outputs lots of energy for the world to use, but also yield greenhouse gases in the process. So the way to produce less greenhouse gases is by changing the way to create energy. We can use renewable energy sources that create energy and does not produce any unwanted products in the process. Renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower do not use the Earth’s resources and use wind and sunlight to produce the energy they need. Conversely, Fossil Fuels are inefficient, unsustainable, environme ntally destructive, and the primary contributor to The Earth is in trouble. There is a considerable amount of greenhouse gases in its atmosphere. A way to solve the issue is to change the way we obtain energy and choose to go to renewable energy. In 2015, Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the atmosphere was reported* worldwide in March, a record high, in what scientists said marked a significant milestone for global warming. Dr. Ed Hawkins, a climate scientist at the University of Reading, toldShow MoreRelatedGlobal Warming Is No Theory Or Hoax Essay2076 Words   |  9 PagesGlobal warming is no theory or hoax, extensive scientific research by researchers across the globe can assure us of that. Although a large amount of information on the issue is readily available to the public, many Americans including our President-elect don’t believe in global warming. In an effort to inform the public of this very real occurrence, I will provide examples of climate change, its eff ects pertaining to the United States, and provide counter arguments against global warming’s oppositionRead MoreEssay about Global Warming is a Theory, Not a Fact1338 Words   |  6 Pagesthat the idea of global warming is a highly controversial and debated topic. But is there any real evidence that global warming is a growing problem or is global warming just a big scare tactic being used to get people to comply with strict government regulations? Global warming is widely believed to be the main cause of rising average global temperatures. In reality, global warming isnt really all what it has been exaggerated to be. Many of the predicted effects of global warming over time have actuallyRead MoreEssay about Global Warming is a Theory, Not a Fact1829 Words   |  8 Pagesto increase numbers of deathly droughts, floods, freezes, and late-coming monsoons (Gwynne). Global cooling was a scare that resulted because of a theory, but now the concern is global warming. With many t heories resulting in a a dead end when they were only hypotheses in the first place, intellectual citizens have begun to distrust the scientific community because of their tendency to teach theories as facts instead of educational hypotheses. Currently, ordinary citizens hesitate to trust anyRead MoreGlobal Warming is a Fact, Not a Theory Essay2296 Words   |  10 Pagesgoing on in the environment around them. Global warming, also known as the greenhouse effect, is a rise in the entire temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. It has been receiving a lot of attention from scientists in the past few years. However, this is not a problem that has just been discovered. It has been evolving throughout history since 1928. But, it is a system that started around eighteen thousand years ago (When Did Global Warming Start?). Global warming is something that has been put off forRead More Global Warming: A Theory of Accelerating Process of Climate Change2015 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract: Theory of global warming explaining the phenomena of accelerating change in the number and size of weather-related disturbances. This is a synthesis of three books: Al Gores an inconvenient truth, Stuart Kauffmans At Home in the Universe, and Dr. James Lovelocks Gaia: A new look at life on Earth, presenting a theory predicting the general parameters of global warming over the coming years. 1. Introduction. This paper is intended as a starting point for creating a frameworkRead MoreDifferent Arguments and Theories on Global Warming and Why to Take Action1464 Words   |  6 PagesDifferent Arguments and Theories on Global Warming and Why to Take Action Every year, almost 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere by human activity. That is the equivalent of 107,700,000 jet airplanes being in the air at once! This harrowing figure is the main cause of global warming, and has been increasing for the last 50 years. Global warming is caused by the increase of greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide and methane primarily, in the earths upper atmosphere directlyRead MoreRhetorical Analysis, Global Warming - the Great Delusion1310 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish 3633W 23 February 2012 Rhetorical Analysis, â€Å" Global Warming – The Great Delusion† Matt Patterson argues in â€Å"Global Warming – The Great Delusion† that the alleged scientific consensus surrounding the theory of global warming is based not on fact, but rather on a web of mass hysteria and deceit. Patterson contends that â€Å"In fact, global warming is the most widespread mass hysteria in our species’ history†, and that the beliefs of global warming proponents are the result of their own delusionalRead MoreReview of The Great Global Warming Swindle1281 Words   |  6 Pages The Great Global Warming Swindle has been the most widely watched documentary critical of the scientific consensus that climate change is due to anthropogenic activities. Aired in 2007 in the United Kingdom, the documentary claimed to debunk the â€Å"myth† of manmade global climate change, exposing it as a vast conspiracy designed to gain funding for research and push an environmental agenda that is especially harmful to the developing world. Directed by British producer Martin Durkin, the documentaryRead MoreA Portion Of The Article And Debate857 Words   |  4 PagesA portion of the article and debate: â€Å"Global warming is a fact. It just isn t man-made. I suspect that the ecoalarmists of Al Gore s ilk are as much aware of that fact as I am. But more important, so are the world s astrophysicists who study the universe—and, with it, our neighboring planets. Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia noted in 2005 that the current warming cycle on Earth is also affecting our neighbors—Venus and Mars.† (Furthermore)Read MoreGlobal Warming Argumentative Essay1439 Words   |  6 PagesGlobal Warming: Myth or Fact? The Global Warming theory has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Citizens of the world are being encouraged to be more environmentally conscious by others including politicians, celebrities, and world organizations. The problem with the theory lies in the fact that it has become more and more controversial as it gains publicity and attention. The basic concept behind this theory is that the earth was made with a balance of â€Å"greenhouse gasses†

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Marketing Changes Your Brain Free Essays

The reason why I chose the topic for my final paper â€Å"Marketing Changes Your Brain† is because we are constantly surrounded by advertisements on a daily basis to where the government is basically brain washing us from birth to be consumers in this capitalistic society. Also this topic reminds me of one of my favorite professors, Dry. Choc who teaches Sociology at San Diego State University. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Changes Your Brain or any similar topic only for you Order Now His lectures were always life changing, and I could tell in the conviction of his voice that he is strongly assassinate about his profession and loves teaching undergrads. One of the main topics of the semester was about consumerism and how it affects us every single day. Statistics show that the average American will come across 5000 different types of advertisements a day (Lecture, Choc). There are millions of ways we come in contact through ads these days including, commercials, posters, covers on food, and etc. What I basically learned in this class was that we should be more aware of what it meaner to be consumers of Capitalism and to realize how much we have been exploited to be constant consumers. The reason many of us fall for advertisements we see is because many of these companies purposely make their commercials activate a part of the brain’s reward/pleasure center. The pleasure center is made up of nucleus acumen’s and ventral testament area which the brain receives dopamine (Plotting, Summoning). This reward/pleasure is closely associated when individuals do pleasurable things such eating favorite foods, watching movies, sex, and drugs (Plotting, Summoning). In the module 9 critical thinking, the article explains how the consumption Coca Cola will activate the reward/pleasure center which is another example of why many Americans are addicted to it. It is ironic that Americans in recently years have put so Running head Much money into preventing obesity and childhood obesity yet our government doesn’t put any effort into reducing the number of ads we see from these soda companies. Another interesting point that the critical thinking article shows is how smell and auditory senses also have to do with marketing and how we consciously don’t even realize it. I can relate myself as when I’m near In-n-Out burger and I can smell the burgers and suddenly want a craving for it. The textbook calls this Subliminal Message where it meaner that our perception is below an absolute threshold where there is less than 50% of it being realized (Plotting, Summoning). Another subliminal message can also be auditory as the text book gives an example of how playing French music will result in people purchasing more French Wine. Subliminal messages can be seen at every store at the mall, such as Hollister. Walk into a Hollister and you will notice how it Just smells like a concreted perfume pit and the ambient lights. However the greatest influences to our brains is culture, another point which Dry. Choc has always brought up in lectures. Advertisement have been a dominant influence in our culture and it is unfortunate that many Americans do not even realize how much our brain is being influenced. Not even Just as adults, advertisements can capture someone at any age. Despite these, I urge many people to make more wiser choices such eating balanced, How to cite Marketing Changes Your Brain, Papers

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Google a Name Derived from “Googol” Essay Sample free essay sample

As PhD pupils at Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergy Brin founded Google. com in 1998. Google was incorporated on the Fourth of September 1998. It became a public company and portions were ab initio offered to the populace on the Nineteenth of August 2004. The company central office is located in Mountain View. California. Google is one of the several internet/software companies situated in the celebrated Silicon Valley. The company’s mission is â€Å"to organize the world’s information and do it universally accessible and utile. † Based on reading about Google’s corporate civilization. I can surmise that Google utilizes a horizontal organisational construction. A twosome of statements convey the company’s organisational construction. The website provinces â€Å"It’s truly the people that make Google the sort of company it is. We hire people who are smart and determined. and we favor ability over experience. † This exemplifies the importance of each Google employee. or referred to as â€Å"Googlers† . as they play an of import function towards the company’s success. Google focuses on persons whose abilities outshine their work experience. This proves that the thought of every Googler affairs to the company as every employee â€Å"share common ends and visions for the company. † Besides. on the concluding paragraph in the corporate civilization page. it stated â€Å"Googlers ask inquiries straight to Larry. Sergey and other White House about any figure of company issues. † This portrays that the company has a minor barrier between Google executives and the Googlers. Google employees can easy reach Google executives and are able to easy turn to their sentiments and concerns about the company. Due to this organisational construction. this improves relationships between the executives and employees since it provides employees the sense of importance and relevancy to the company. The Google company web site can be easy navigated. The company’s doctrine page can be easy found on the left manus side of the web site. The page is wholly organized as it lists the 10 things that they believe in. By making so. Google emphasizes the importance of the company’s beliefs in specifying their corporate individuality. Here. the general populace would see who they basically are and what values are of import to the company. The effect of Google’s ten beliefs revolve around supplying Google users an efficient and user friendly hunt engine. distributing information across boundary lines and doing discoveries in invention at a enjoyable and restful work environment. Besides. unlike Google. companies don’t normally province up to ten values in their â€Å"about us† page and lucubrate these points in paragraphs. Comparing Google to Time Warner and Disney. both Time Warner and Disney hardly focused on its company values. For illustration. Time Wa rner merely listed seven basic company values and merely explained these values in a sentence. On their web site. they stated that â€Å"creativity† is one of their values and explained it with â€Å" We thrive on invention and originality. encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices. † This rationalisation does non sound complex compared to Google’s accounts of their values. On the other manus. Disney did non even include any values in their company overview page. This conveys that Disney is non concerned in turn toing their company beliefs and values to the general populace. In Google’s doctrine page. each value is headlined as a topic and a paragraph is used to lucubrate the values they believe in. On the paragraph under the first point of this page. it says that â€Å"Our home page interface is clear and simple. and pages load immediately. † This is decidedly true. Google is known for holding a really simple and easy accessible hunt engine. The home page does non use a fancy design to pull persons. It’s simpleness and handiness en ables Google users to be able to execute their hunt rapidly and be able to happen the replies or information that they are seeking. Even if the company’s central office is located in Silicon Valley. this doesn’t prevent the company from distributing globally. Google is a really diverse company as it employs persons from Beijing to Berlin. The international offices influenced the company’s planetary success by providing to the planetary market. Google states that its mission is to â€Å"facilitate entree to information for the full universe. and in every linguistic communication. † Even if the company is based in California. Google strives to make out to the universe by holding offices in about 60 states. The company accommodates to other states by holding more than one hundred and 80 Internet spheres. These spheres are personalized for each state as it utilizes its national linguistic communication. This enables non-English talkers to execute hunts easy without sing any troubles understanding the articles they are looking for. To provide to non-English talkers. Google concocted its int erlingual rendition package in order to understand pages written in English. Besides this. the interlingual rendition package enables persons to larn more about the linguistic communications they’re non familiar with. This exemplifies Google’s value of diverseness. as they â€Å"don’t merely accept difference- we thrive on it. † Google is known for holding an irregular office atmosphere. The headline â€Å"You can be serious without a suit† . exemplifies the different attack they utilize in order to accomplish a productive and gratifying workplace. Under that header. it states â€Å"Our laminitis built Google around the thought that work should be disputing. and the challenge should be merriment. † Google believes that by holding a originative and fun workplace. productiveness and creativeness can greatly be increased. This provides Googlers a stress-free and enjoyable environment. which aids towards the company’s success as modern inventions and engineering is created. To turn out this. Google provides images of its different offices around the universe. These images include an indoor garden in its London office. a restful patio with a arresting position in New York City and a bowling back street located in the company’s central office in California. Overall. Google is manner in front of the game. It is regarded as the most outstanding hunt engine on the planet. The company’s horizontal organisational construction. nucleus values and international acknowledgment have played critical functions to their success. Google is decidedly a alone company and that is what makes it the best hunt engine in the full universe.

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Adolescent Development free essay sample

There are mutual influences between an individual and their social environment. There are also at-risk factors involved in the life of a developing adolescent that interconnects with a series of reciprocal systems. I can recall as a developing adolescent quickly maturing into adulthood, the many social, economic, external and internal influences that contributed to certain at-risk behaviors. These type of influences impacted me directly and indirectly. I was influenced by the several environments I was in, and I also contributed to influencing the environment around me. Attempting to exert control over uncontrollable circumstances only lead to desperate situations and weighty consequences. However, learning to accept my present circumstances, and how to appropriately respond to the hardship and temptations in life developed positive life changes. Individual human development occurs within interconnected and embedded ecological systems (McWhirter et al, 2013). We will write a custom essay sample on Adolescent Development or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The ecological systems include the individual, the microsystem, the mesosystem, the exosystem, and macrosystem (McWhirter et al, 2013). The individual consists of genetic and biological factors, and personality characteristics (McWhirter et al, 2013). The microsystem consists of the people that the individual comes into direct contact with and who the individual interacts with (McWhirter et al, 2013). The mesosystem is the embedded interconnections between different microsystems and the impact of the interactions that take place (McWhirter et al, 2013). The exosystem consists of the interconnections between one or more settings that indirectly involve the individual (McWhirter et al, 2013). The macrosystem represents the social blueprint of cultural values, societal structure, gender-role socializations, race relations, belief systems, and national and international resources (McWhirter et al, 2013). The chronosystem is the interconnection and interaction of the individual within different environments, and is the transitions that occur during the course of the individual’s lifetime (McWhirter et al, 2013). These interconnecting systems are referred to as the ecological model, and assumes that the individual is continually interacting with his or her environment  that produces constant change due to mutual influences (McWhirter et al, 2013). Part A – The Ecological Model The core of who I really am involves the combinations of my genetic predispositions, evolutionary and biological components, personality characteristics, and the ongoing process of behavioral, cognitive, and affective experiences (McWhirter et al, 2013). Who I am has a lot to do with my experiences in life, my responses to life events, and the social and environmental influences and interactions involved. The ecological model provides a greater understanding of how I influence my environment and my environment influences me. This is important because it is through the interactions of the ecological systems that help me better understand myself and others. The Individual. I entered the world with an umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, struggling to live due to insufficient oxygen intake. As a child I was very susceptible to illness. As an adult I discovered that I was living with an autoimmune disorder. I have very vivid fragmented memories as a child of several doctor office visits. At the personal level, I was a very fearful, anxious, angry, socially withdrawn child who experienced an unstable, insecure, neglectful, abusive, and dysfunctional home environment. The structure of personality develops in childhood and continues to develop in adulthood (Caspi, Roberts Shiner, 2005). I developed a combination of extraversion and introversion traits. These traits show themselves depending on how safe I determine the environment around me to be. As a child I experienced positive and negative emotionality. I at times struggle with viewing the world as a safe place and occasionally viewed it as threatening. I experienced anxious distress with a tendency toward anxiety, sadness, insecurity, and guilt. As a teenager I experienced darker emotions such as anger, frustration, and irritation. I developed agreeable personality characteristics as a child. In adulthood I sometimes struggle with the fear of rejection, self-acceptance, people pleasing tendencies, self-awareness, and feeling comfortable in my surrounding environment and own skin. I also developed a strong motivation to achieve academically, and have a strong sense of independence. As a child and through my teenage years I was not allowed to have an opinion or express individuality, which resulted in the inability or challenge to think on my own, questioning who I am through life stages, fearful of making decisions on my own and especially decisions I need to make on behalf of others, and codependency issues. The Microsystem. I grew up in a traditional family household for a time being that consisted of my mother, father, and sister. Although, it was considered a traditional two parent household, my father was rarely home, and when he was home he was unavailable. My mother was emotionally unavailable and suffered from manic depression. My mother stayed at home and my father was either out working or pursuing one of his addictions. My family was homeless until I was the age of 5. We had lived and slept in my father’s suburban, randomly stayed with strangers, and at times lived in a recreational vehicle. I assumed responsibility and care of my younger sibling, my mother, myself, and household chores. I entered the stages of maturity alone and without parental support. The lack of positive parenting during my adolescent years made me vulnerable to at-risk risk behaviors such as premarital sex, tobacco use, substance abuse, gang involvement and mental and social disorders (Clinton Clark, 2010). At the age of ten I was removed from my parent’s custody and placed in foster care where my sibling and I were separated and placed in different homes. In the foster system I was only allowed to socialize at school, and attended church depending on whether or not my foster parents at the time deemed it necessary. My sister and I went through several foster home placements which resulted in the loss of security, the loss of our personal possessions, and sense of belonging. Being bounced from home to home, it was difficult maintaining a close friendships with others. I developed an internal mechanism of being friendly with everyone, but not allowing myself to develop a close friendship with others. As I gained independence and freedom in my later teen years and early adulthood, I became more involved in church. The Mesosystem. I grew up in a rural community with a lack of parental involvement. There were no real established mesosystem relationships. The environment was inconsistently positive and very negative at times. Since school was my outlet, I strived for academic excellence and successfully achieved it. School seemed to be the only sense of stability. The Exosystem. Outside agencies that developed policies and created public resources were an indirect benefit to me as an adolescent and young adult. During childhood, I was able to eat lunch at school, and enjoy extracurricular activities such as Campfire Girls, cheerleading, and Key Club. I was given accessibility to the basic needs that my parents could not afford such as cloths, food, and shelter. As an adult, several community resources helped my daughter and escape and terminate a domestically violent relationship. The Macrosystem. During adolescence I was exposed to abuse, neglect, and violence first hand and via the television. My father grew up in the south and was very racist toward certain nationalities and races of people. The cultural context consisted of low socioeconomic status (SES), poverty, and experiencing our Native American ethnic background and being exposed to several conflicting belief systems. I grew up on a culture where corporate punishment was an acceptable practice. The culture valued individuality, independence, and self-reliance. I grew up in poverty with a prevailing crime rate not as noticeable as it is today. Social norms included the overuse of antibiotics (McDonnell Norms Group, 2008), and the use of drugs and alcohol were socially acceptable. Chronosystem. A pattern of environmental events, transitions, and sociohistorical circumstances contributed to my development over my lifespan. Both of my parents lived disloyal and adulterous life styles. Overtime, there unhealthy and dysfunctional patterns of relating to each other resulted in a separation. My father died when I was 17 years old. My parent’s marriage legally dissolved at the time of my father’s death. My mother remarried multiple times. My sister and I were exposed to their dysfunctional lifestyle, which tremendously impacted our lives. I personally, transitioned through many of life events by experiencing two divorces, being a single-mother of four children for quit sometime, remarrying and adjusting to a blended family, the loss of my oldest daughter, and facing the social political arena at work. The soil of my family growing up consisted of poverty, low socioeconomic status (SES), judgmental and racist attitudes, abusive and neglectful home environment, and conflicting belief systems. The three primary roots are family, school, and peer groups (McWhirter et al, 2013). My parent’s inability to raise my sister and me in a loving, secure, stable, and nurturing environment, and expose us to family conflict, abuse, neglect, lack of parenting, being emotionally unavailable, and an unstructured home environment contributed to my dysfunction and the at-risk behaviors in my life. The school system was unaware of our life circumstances and did not any support. My sister ended up dropping out and getting involved with drugs. I became sexually involved with my boyfriend at the age of 15 and became pregnant at the age of 16. My daughter gave me the drive to continue my education and succeed academically in order to provide her with a better life. I was withdrawn during my adolescence and teenage years. Although, I made intent to get along with everyone, I did not associate with everyone. The peer group I involved myself in strived for academic excellence and engaged in positive extracurricular activities. The trunk of the at-risk tree representing my life consisted of low self-esteem, and depression. The branches of at-risk categories in my life were high-school dropout, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, and suicide. I was at risk for teen pregnancy and became pregnant at the age of sixteen. I succumbed to sexual activity with one partner in high school that resulted in teen pregnancy. I was very fortunate that at risk behaviors did not escalate. My tree was broken and bruised and produced damaged fruit. Instead of running to quick gratification I learned to run to God. I found my value and security in Christ. My branches although bruised eventually healed and produced good, healthy fruit. It took a lot of effort, drive, motivation, will, and trusting God in the midst of temptation and hardship. I was fortunate to have a variety of Gardeners in my life from Christian counselors, law enforcement, human service workers, youth group leaders, Sunday school teachers, and church mentors who helped me redirect my lifestyle. I learned how to be academically successful, a loving, supportive, caring mother to my children, a hard worker of integrity, and to do the right thing when the wrong thing seems easier at the time being.

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buy custom Organ Sales essay

buy custom Organ Sales essay Organ transplantation is a process by which an organ or tissue is surgically removed from one persons body (donor) to another (recipient). Organ transplant are an option when a particular organ is failing or absent (Winters, 2004). Kidney failure, heart disease, lung disease and cirrhosis of the liver are all conditions that can effectively be treated by transplant. Most of the organs and tissue donations occur after the donor has died though some organs and tissues can be donated while the donor is alive. For example, the kidney and the liver may be transplanted from a living donor since people are born with an extra-kidney and the liver is regenerative. There has been a debate over whether organ transplant should be legalized with various countries increasingly passing legislations which allow for the practice. The major argument in favor of the transplant is that it helps the patients to live a longer and a healthy life. Process for Eligibility of Transplant experienced It should be noted that organ transplant can only be considered as an option when medications and surgery has failed to manage the failure and the progression of the particular organ. In such situations, the transplant is then considered as a treatment option. However, before one is placed on the transplant list for any organ transplant, they must undergo a careful screening process (Winters, 2004). The process involves a review by diversity of professionals comprising of the doctors, nurses, social workers, and the bioethics. This team reviews the patients medical history and carries out a psychosocial evaluation to find out if the patient is able to survive the particular organ transplant procedure. They also find out the possibility of the patient complying with the recommended continuous care after the transplant (Winters, 2004). Tissue typing is also done during the evaluation to identify genetic markers on white blood cells. Other blood tests are also done to determine the compatibility of the pair. The evaluation of the patients support system is also done for clinic follow-ups and the subsequent medical care. Once the person passes this screening test, he/she is then placed on the waiting list until a matching donor becomes available (Winters, 2004). During this time, the patient will closely be monitored by the health care team to keep the organ failure in control. Once a matching organ is obtained, the transplant then takes place (Winters, 2004). Health and Emotional Risks of Transplants While transplant surgery is a cure for some patients, it has comes along with both health and emotional risks. Many survivors and caregivers experiences problems such as fatigue which is common medical condition for transplant. Almost all survivors feel weak exhausted and slow during recovery. Another common problem with survivors is anxiety which normally occur because most of them are always either worried or afraid of their condition. The patients are normally worried that they may return to their original state (Center for Bioethics, 2004). The specific risks related to transplant include; Organ acquisition related stress: In most cases, patients with organ related complications seem to believe that an appropriate donor must have died for them to secure an organ. Studies have also found out that in cases where the recipient dies, the donor may be stressed up by the feeling of a total loss.Secon is alcoholic addiction related stress. Because of the overwhelming temptation to take alcohol, alcoholic addicts waiting for organ transplant always find it difficult having to battle with the temptation. They may find it extremely difficult to maintain sobriety while abstaining as per the medication requirement. The third emotional issue is related to obtaining the organ from a living donor. The process of recovery after one donates an organ may in some cases be longer than expected.Some donors also develop complications after surgery. It is also common among the recipients to have a feeling of owing the donor.In cases where the transplant results into any surgical complication, the recipient may begin feeling feel guilty for having caused these problems. A donor who assisted a person whose situation was caused by drug abuse may be very sensitive to seeing the person drinking again. Forth issue is related to pregnancy after organ transplantation. This is normally experienced by the women patients who are still in their child bearing age. Such women normally worry about their ability to become pregnant and the effect the anti rejection may have on their unborn child. This is even more complicated among those who are barred from conceiving by the doctor. Fifth is the effect of transplant on children. In most cases, a child who has gone through organ planting may require mare limits in their behavior than is the case with normal children. These may affect their self esteem especially when they dont understand why their behavior is being restricted (Center for Bioethics, 2004). Organ transplant may also result into stressful relationships especially if it results into a long term illness. Adolescent patients who want to be independent may be stressed from having to depend on others. Finally, there are also a number of physical changes that are usually experienced by most organ transplant patients. The changes which may include weight gain, fluid retention and rounded face may cause mood swing and the emotional changes which are difficult to predict and harder to deal with (Center for Bioethics, 2004). Laws against Organ Sale Various policy makers in this field have argued that with proper regulative mechanisms, organ sales can be beneficial for both the patient and the donor. The most often sited argument in favor of organ transplant is that it helps the patients to live longer and healthy lives. The disparity in the low supply of organs for transplant has promulgated legislation and case laws. The laws seek to regulate the sale of the organs and to help establish equitable national system of how to best allocate the organs. The laws were promulgated to address a variety of medical, legal and moral issues involved in organ donation and transplantation (Fredrick, 2010). They include; The revised Uniform Anatomic Gift Act of 1987. The Act prohibited the sale of human organs and tissues with the exception of blood, sperms or human eggs. Another Act is the National Organ Transplant Act which expressly forbade selling human organs across state lines. The act made the sale of organs a federal crime. It prohibited the payments to those who provided the organs for transplantation. Though, it was designed to prevent the sale from the living donors, it also prevented the possibility of individuals selling the right to harvest their organs after their deathh . The third law is the Patent Self-Determination Act of 1991 that established the issue of donor cards. The cards can not be issued to those who are under the age of 18 years. It therefore made it difficult for them to donate organs. Elsewhere the Transplantation of Human Organ Act passed in India in 1994 made the sale of organs a punishable offence. Reasons why Organ Transplant can be Beneficial Organ sales would save peoples lives. Various proponents of organ transplant have argued that there is no reason for people to die if there is a way of saving them. Legalizing organ sales is also the most efficient measure of increasing the organ supply. Heather argued that the patients have the right to regain normal life. Secondly legalizing the sale of organs will discourage the existing black market (Heather, 2003). These practice has led to killing of people like was witnessed in China in 1998 when smugglers were found with 50 freshly harvested organs from prisoners. Corrupt Chinese officials are also making huge money by selling organs to rich foreigners. Legalizing organ sales will compel the brokers to resort into offering a cheaper alternative to potential recipients. This will enable the patients to save part of their money and while greatly reducing the length of time for which they have to wait. At the same time, it reduces the risk involved in receiving organs through a black market. An example is the case of Malaysia in 1994 when five kidneys purchased from India were found infected with HIV virus (Heather, 2003). Third, legalizing organ sales will also reduce the amount of money the government spend on Medicare and thus help save government money. For example in US dialysis will cause Medicare $240,000 while the patient with a new kidney will only cost $160,000 (Heather, 2003). This will enable the government save money to improve the life of its citizens. Forth, legalizing organ sales would possibly encourage more people to donate the organs. This is because of the possible compensation to the donors for the risk and time involved. Studies have shown that despite the willingness to donate organs by nearly 69% of Americans, the donation is currently merely around 4,000 people annually. Many people confessed that they are afraid of donating their organs to strangers because of the risks involved. Finally legalizing organ sales will protect the individuals right to choose. According to Hither, the decision to assume risk should be made by the individual. He argues that there is no different between legalizing the sale of blood platelets, eggs and sperms while legally denying people the right to sell other organs. They also argue that the individual will make decisions which reflect their need for money which is necessary for meeting their basic needs. Conclusion In conclusion it is therefore clear that irrespective of the many arguments against organ transplant, legalizing organ sales can be very beneficial to both the donor and the recipient. It will save more lives as many people are encouraged to donate organs. Such a move will result into an affordable medical cost for patients. The government will also save both the money that it spends on Medicare while greatly reducing the risks involved in black market enabling it to save and improve the lives of its citizens. Buy custom Organ Sales essay

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Personal Statement of Project Management Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Of Project Management - Personal Statement Example The course is suitable for individuals, who are from various employment backgrounds and have the ability, skills and knowledge to become a project manager. In this course I will get to understand the techniques and processes that are linked with project management. The process includes management of cost, time, quality, communication, risk and human resources. I will also get to understand the procurement process of the resources that are required for the completion of the project. The program also aims at training the individuals to lead a team and impart motivation skills (Northeastern University, 2013). Presently, responsibilities of project managers have increased over the years with the increase in number of failed projects. The failure or success company projects are dependent on the abilities and skills of the project managers. Products and services of a company needs get launched in the market in a particular period of time. If there is delay in the procurement process of raw materials then the launch of the products is hold back simultaneously. This delay in procurement process can be rectified by an efficient project by contacting a good supplier and convince them to supply the raw materials within a specified time so that the manufacturing process of the products are not hampered. Hence, in order to avoid disturbance in the manufacturing process companies needs to hire skilled project managers, who can effectively manage each step of the project (Northeastern University, 2013). The role of project managers is very challenging as the success or failure of projects is dependent on them. Appropriate sets of skill are required delivering vital projects on time within a particular budget. The project manager has to lead a large team where the team members have different though process and behavior; he has to lead and motivate them to do specific works for the successful completion of projects. The